Welcome to UDRS

UDRS (Utility Dispute Resolution Services) is a free service to help businesses resolve disputes that may arise with their utility provider. The service is aimed at small to medium sized business customers concentrating mainly on telecommunications companies.

If you are switching providers and feel that your current provider is being unfair in any way, or need advice on how to switch telecoms providers, contact us for free consultation.

Don’t lose valuable time!

We understand the importance of your telecommunications services. Reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime or costs by asking us to assist with switching providers and services. Simply complete the form on the right and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Should you pay cancellation fees?

If you aren’t happy with the service provided by your current provider and would like to leave, you don’t always have to pay the cancellation fee. We will deal with the problem on your behalf at no cost to you!